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I hope you are here because of my work on improving the public interest in investment practices.  I spent much of my career in this industry and I have a passion in working towards “best practices”.


I am on a mission to inform and educate the Canadian public about the tricks of the investment trade, having worked inside it for 20 years.  The industry would not make any attempts to improve public protection, no matter how hard I pushed.  The money is too good to let any of it go. 

Enclosed is a story of one broker’s journey to see if ethics and integrity could be found.  I took it upon myself to publish, produce, document  and allow people to learn as much as I could teach, freely, in hopes that less financial violence could be done by trusted professionals. 

Video chapters one to eight follow my journey.  Links to sources, blogs, education that will help the average Canadian find information that the newspaper will not tell you and the investment industry does not want you to know.

It is yours freely.  If any of it is incorrect, I fully expect to be corrected by someone or sued by someone else.  I have received neither since beginning in about 2004, but I welcome to any comments, suggestions or corrections herein.

I also thought I should share with you a bit more about myself.

The photo above is what I like to do best.  It was me “borrowing” the company helicopter at the time, to fly around some of my former investment clients and see the world from this unique perspective.

Clockwise from there is my cat Fluffy, doing what she does best. Below Fluffy and on the left is a sunset photo from the porch of my home that my wife captured.  To the right is the Bell 206L that we purchased for an air ambulance and rotary rescue contract for the City of Medicine Hat.  (now a few years back)

Finally at the bottom is a shot of myself, enjoying a sunny day on that same porch, with one of my daughter’s two dogs keeping me company and keeping watch over the river valley.

I have a pretty decent life, but I will spare you the other thousand photos involved.  Thanks for visiting.

follow me as i journey across canada, searching for one person, or one place where someone paid  to protect canadian investors.....actually does protect canadian investors......follow along and you might find that you are the prey, not the you will learn who the predators are

A film, a flogg, some flying.  Welcome to bits of my life. 

Take a look around.

BREACH OF TRUST, The Unique Violence of White Collar Crime is now complete.  It is here, on this site for you to view.  Tell a friend.  Tell your MLA.  Tell the world.


Click on the top of the page to view a movie clip, blog comments or skim the links to see who is following “best practices” in Canadian investments, and who is worst.